A Puzzle for Peace

The Stephen Lealock Community Center in Scarborough, Ontario, not far from Toronto, will be the site of a large and unusual peace display taking place Thursday, April 22, from 11am – 2pm.

According to Inside Toronto, a giant jigsaw ‘puzzle for peace’ is being assembled that consists of the artistic contributions of children from around the world made into¬† 800 unique puzzle pieces, which will be put together at the April 22 event. The puzzle, which is already 60 feet in diameter, was the brainchild of peace activist Adele Spraggon, who came up with the idea during her Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

According to Spraggon, “The children of the world need a way to have their voices heard, and to express their hopes and dreams for a peaceful tomorrow.” She continued: “I wanted to provide a medium that makes it possible for anyone to participate and to be understood. Art is a medium that crosses all cultural boundaries and age barriers and can unite us all in a creative expression of peace.”

The ultimate goal of the project is to have developed within five years a 10,000 square foot puzzle that includes art from children from every country in the world.

Update: according to a press release, the event is a school assembly with students from three different local schools coming to the school to assemble the pieces. The whole process is being taped – look for the video in a future story on Landmark Education News.

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