A New Landmark Office in Bangkok Thailand

bangkok-center3.gifSince the first Landmark Forum in Bangkok in 2003, participation in Landmark Education programs in Thailand has grown tremendously.Here is the notice about the opening posted on the I Love Possibility website.

The grand opening ceremony of Landmark Education’s Bangkok Center was held on Saturday, 20 October, 2007 at CRC Tower, All Seasons Place, 3rd Floor.

Landmark Education’s more than 50 programs — including its flagship course, The Landmark Forum — are the products of extensive research, and produce breakthroughs in effectiveness and communication.Landmark Education has been providing programs in Thailand since 2003 and has established its Bangkok Office in 2005. To date, more than 7,000 people have graduated from The Landmark Forum in Bangkok.Randy McNamara leads forum in Singapore

The program featured a ribbon cutting ceremony by Landmark Education Chief Executive Officer Harry Rosenberg and Executive for Centers Division Joan Rosenberg from the company’s headquarter in San Francisco, USA; Executive of Asia Jerome Downes and the staff and participant of Bangkok.

Landmark Education’s presence in Eastern Asia continues to grow, with Landmark Forums now offered inThailand, Singapore, Japan, China, South Korea and the Philippines. Pictured Above: Randy McNamara leads the fourth Landmark Forum in Singapore in 2004. Randy McNamara is shown in the back center, with the team of people who produced the course.

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Mia says:

Hello! I will be in Bangkok, Thailand on January 19 to 24 and i will be attending Landmark ILP 1st weekend on January 21,22,and 23,2012. May I know the exact address of the venue and the exact address of the center so i can book a hotel near the venue? Thank you. =)

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