Wisdom Unlimited Community Sundays

Landmark Education has redesigned its the Wisdom Unlimited course so that the entire Sunday of each weekend, from 10am to 6pm, is a ‘Community Sunday’ – a social gathering open to all friends and family of course participants. These community Sundays allow people to come together to socialize, participate in group exercises which deepen the distinctions of the course, and explore being part of a community committed to ongoing growth and development.

Noted Florida illustrator and journalist Thomas Thorspecken recently wrote about his experience of attending such an event. Thorspecken writes that he was invited by fellow artist Kelly Medford, and that he didn’t know quite what to expect, but that he was moved by an event that actively demonstrated the power of  experimentation – play – and harnessing the community. Here is an excerpt of his description of the event:

“Kelly stood and gave me such a glowing introduction about being an influential artist who is helping build and strengthen the arts community. I got choked up, and a tear rolled down my cheek. I didn’t bother to wipe it away since no one was close enough to see. I shouted out, ‘Thank you Kelly’ and got right back to work. On tables around the room, there were scrapbooks which had visual biographies. Each page signified a year. Kelly showed me hers and there were childhood photos and snippets of conversation. Post its with negative thoughts were pasted here and there. These negative comments were things she said at the workshop and they originated years ago in her past. By recognizing the origin of the negative thoughts she could leave them behind. She could complete her past.”

The picture above is Thorspecken’s sketch of the community event. Read the whole story at Thorspecken’s Analog Artist blog or find out more information about Landmark’s Wisdom Unlimited Course.

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Chris Mandeville says:

This is so great! I’m currently in the Wisdom Course and I’m loving it. Community Sunday has been such a wonderful opportunity. There is so much love, acknowledgment, and connnection present.

There is one in Chicago this Sunday (10/10/2010), so come join us at the Landmark Center if you can!

the landmark forum has changed my life. the one thing i still have trouble with is accepting people who do not ‘get it’. i would love to be in a room full of graduates again, and talk to others who think the same way i do.

The Wisdom Course is one of the jewels of the Landmark programs. I especially love the emphasis on creativity and play. Growing in Wisdom is terrific at any age–which I notice more as I get older!

A few of the most powerful lessons I learned during my Landmark Forum experiences shaped my entire approach to life and how I’ve managed challenging and difficult times;
1. Reality trumps everything – ditch the “racket” and get real with yourself and everyone in your life;
2. Move beyond who you know yourself to be! You’ll be surprised how far you can go;
3. Embrace the power of asking! You’ll never know who you might be depriving of the opportunity to give – and it’s not up tp you to make that judgement;
4. Give freely. And if ever you’ve been the recipient of a random act of grace or kindness, play and pay everything forward without expectation.
5. When life gets rough – get tough and get moving! Do whatever it takes to claim the life that is rightfully yours; don’t give it up to self induced powerlessness.

Landmark is an outstanding organization!

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