Rays the Roof!

Tribe of Lambs is holding a rock party in Calgary to fund 54 children at Rays Home for HIV Positive Children in India.

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Run For Tiranga

The Prime Minister of India and the chief ministers of four states participated in a Self-Expression and Leadership Program project which was a celebration of the Tiranga, the Indian flag, which is a symbol of freedom.

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A Hunger to Make a Difference

Beauty Bites Beast takes on that misguided set of beliefs and flips them on their head, not only with Mexican factory workers but with Kenyan “grannies,” university students, housewives and executives from all over the world.

Categories: Women's Issues

TIME Spotlights #BornPerfect Advocate

Mathew Shurka has campaigned tirelessly against the now discredited practice of gay conversion therapy. Shurka tells his personal story in TIME Magazine, including the difference The Landmark Forum made for him.

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