Skating Towards a Greener Future- 2030 or Bust

In an innovative effort to combat climate change, the 2030 or Bust Freedom Tour 2024 is hitting the road with a unique blend of skateboarding and environmental activism. Spearheaded by Laughlin Artz, the tour aims to mobilize communities across the United States, encouraging individuals to take action against climate change.

The 2030 or Bust initiative, known for its hands-on approach to climate activism, is taking its message on the road. The Freedom Tour 2024 is seeing Artz taking more than a month out of his life to skate through cities and towns in British Colombia and Washington State hosting events designed to educate and empower people to reduce their carbon footprints. The tour’s goal is to rally grassroots support for the global effort to limit the planet’s temperature rise to 1.5°C, in line with the Paris Agreement.

Laughlin’s background spans performance art, education, and environmental advocacy, bringing a unique energy to the climate movement. His unconventional approach, including the use of long distance skateboarding and video blogging to generate awareness, has captured the attention of a diverse audience.

Artz’s passion for climate action is rooted in a profound concern for the planet’s future. His mission is to inspire individuals to take ownership of their environmental impact, fostering a collective movement towards sustainability. Through 2030 or Bust, Artz is not just raising awareness but also offering practical solutions that can be implemented in daily life.

The Freedom Tour 2024 will traverse the United States, with Artz stopping in various communities to engage with locals through workshops, discussions, and events. These interactions aim to provide attendees with actionable steps to combat climate change. The tour seeks to demystify the often complex world of environmental science, making it accessible and actionable for everyone.

By fostering a sense of collective responsibility, the tour hopes to create a ripple effect, encouraging participants to advocate for climate action within their own communities. This grassroots approach is crucial for building a broad base of support for climate initiatives at local and national levels.

The 2030 or Bust Freedom Tour 2024 is  aimed at galvanizing public action against climate change. Whether by attending a local event, donating to support the tour, or simply spreading the word, individuals can play a part in this crucial mission.

Further information, including the 2030 Game App is available at 2030 or Bust Freedom Tour 2024.

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