‘MyTown Miracles’ Praised by Time

The Detroit Blog of Time Magazine has recognized ‘MyTown Miracles: Portraits of Possibility”‘, the book created by photographer Les Ward, which celebrates Detroit’s innovative leaders.  Ward came up with the idea for the book while taking part in the Landmark Education Self-Expression and Leadership Program.

Ward, who is an advertizing photographer, originally conceived of the project as a simple plan to take pictures of 20 Detroit leaders and just have them shown in a gallery. The project took on a life of its own, however. Pictures of 20 leaders turned into 84 pictures, and soon Ward had each of them writing something from the heart about their work and about Detroit.

The result is an attractive coffee table book which is now available for advanced purchase. Part of the sales of each book will go to Coalition on Temporary Shelter, an organization dedicated to alleviating homelessness.

Ward sums up the book as follows: “It’s not a book necessarily about Detroit. It’s about the transformation all urban areas all over the world must make. It’s 84 conversations about being in action now.” Read Landmark News’ previosu story about Ward and MyTown Miracles.

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