Marjie Parrot: A Life Well Lived “All is Well and I’m Happy”

April 6, 2020

Marjie Parrot, Senior Consultant and Course Leader in the Landmark Wisdom Course Area, passed away from complications of atrial fibrillation leading to renal failure. (She tested negative for Covid-19.) She is mourned and celebrated by her husband Chuck, her brother Bobby, his wife, Valerie, niece Catalina, nephew Scott, and many close friends. There were tens of thousands of people whose lives were empowered and uplifted through the courses she led during her 38 years as a Senior Consultant and Wisdom Course Leader, and during the 20 years she worked as a Registered Nurse. Marjie lived a full life and retired from Landmark in January 2020.

Marjie’s life was a demonstration of her commitment to serving others in achieving well-being for themselves, as well as dignity, respect, and love for others. She earned her BA and MA in nursing from Columbia University in NYC. Soon recognized for her managerial and teaching skills, her nursing career spanned a range of responsibilities from running an emergency room to director of nursing to director of education at various hospitals and healthcare facilities in the greater NYC area. She was on the faculty of Aging in America and authored numerous articles published in geriatric and nursing journals.

Marjie completed the est Training in 1975 and shortly after started in the assisting program.  Before long she was leading seminars and supervising trainings and events. She held a wide range of positions on staff before becoming Well Being Consultant and a Wisdom Course Leader. She was a vital part of the team developing programs such as the Vacation Courses, Listening to Men/Listening to Women, Transforming Yesterday’s Strategies, and others.   As a senior Wisdom Course leader, she trained and developed many of the Wisdom Course Leaders.

After recovering from a severe stroke in 2013, she began working on new Facilitated (online Zoom) Wisdom Intensive Trainings to train new Wisdom Course Leaders and fulfilling the division’s dream of being able to deliver this work online throughout the world. She accomplished her goals, and successfully turned her job over, allowing her to be complete in retiring.

Marjie had the gift of using her circumstances to share and contribute to others from the authentic ground of being. Her husband Chuck said: “Marjie turned 79 on January 26, 2020.  Life for Marjie was a ‘splendid torch …and she made it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations’.”   

The deep love that people have for Marjie is beautifully captured in both her husband Chuck’s tribute to her on Facebook and hundreds of comments.

15 thoughts on “Marjie Parrot: A Life Well Lived “All is Well and I’m Happy””

  1. All is well. Thank you for having a life well lived. Thank you for your many contributions. You are loved.

  2. Love and Light to Chuck and all Margie’s family near and far.

    Those of us who were coached and trained by her were privileged by her contribution.

    She will not be forgotten.

  3. I applaud Marjie. I celebrate Marjie. I wish I would have known her and could have became a friend. I am a twice wisdom grad. All is Well and I am Happy. So wonderful for her being.

  4. Marjie was an extraordinary woman. I am so sorry for your loss. I was one of the many blessed by her wisdom, kindness, love and compassion.

  5. Thanks to Marjie for her support of the wisdom course. When my former wife participated, I spent much time and effort to join her several weekends, including not finding any airline seats to attend the first one, and then attended three where we conversed many hours to commit to great lives of grandchildren. I was committed that she get value out of the course. Thanks Marjie for the opportunity.

  6. Met Marjie during the Wisdom Course…a delight in every way…her loss to us creates both joy & a missing…hugs to her family,

  7. Thank you, Marjie, for a life well-lived and for so many contributions to the lives of others. You and your leadership will be missed by so many graduates. And thank you for Wisdom — xo

  8. Dearest Marjie,

    Michael and I were a couple of young, green and very enthusiastic and committed kids (basically) when we met you over 40 years ago after est, and you were so kind and so generous and so accepting of us!! I and we love you forever!! We have had a lot of fun and growth and good times—“modeling enrollment” yikes!! You are here in our hearts forever!! We love you! Maggie & Michael

  9. Words cannot express the impact Marjie has had in life. She has changed my life in ways that I never believed possible. The way she would share had the hold room lit up. I feel like a part of me is gone. I have to rediscover something she opened up for me and others around me. Her presence is missed. I love you and the work you did to transform the world. I cannot believe you gone. Your work will live on.

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