Long time est Trainer and Forum Leader, Stewart Esposito, passes at 74

March 9, 2020

Landmark Forum News recently learned of the passing of long-time est Trainer and Forum Leader Stewart Esposito, and we are honored to celebrate his life and the enormous difference he made.

Stewart Esposito, a major leader of the est Training and the Forum and a leader amongst est Trainers and Forum Leaders, died on Sunday, March 8, due to complications related to a rare form of cancer.

A graduate of Cornell University, Stewart first participated in the est Training in 1973 and went on to be a long-time staff member and leader of both the est Training and the Forum. He was the first Chairman of the Trainer Body and later the Forum Leader Body, he and played a critical role in developing the quality and quantity of the faculty. Stewart also served in the late 1980’s as the CEO of Werner Erhard and Associates.

Among many of Stewart’s unique accomplishments was leading the est Training that took place in San Quentin prison in Northern California, which was chronicled in a 1976 est Graduate Review article ‘Nothin’ This Good Ever Happened to Me Before.’

Stewart made a direct, fundamental, and positive lasting difference to the people who led our programs, on our organization, and in the lives of tens of thousands of people.

He is being remembered fondly and with deep regard by many people including former colleagues like Laurel Scheaf who said of Stewart: “His bright, thoughtful nature led him to be a great champion and manager of people.” Another colleague, Steve Zaffron, said: “He was not only the person I reported to, he was a mentor and friend.  Long after his time in the enterprise he continued to be a great supporter of our work.”

Thank you Stewart.

38 thoughts on “Long time est Trainer and Forum Leader, Stewart Esposito, passes at 74”

  1. My Weekend #1 Trainer, Boston March 1977. Made an unforgettable impression. Impeccable delivery. Process & Content all within the Context of Perfection. You’ve Graduated, Stewart. Congratulations and Thank You.

  2. My Weekend #1 Trainer, Boston March 1977. Made an unforgettable impression. Impeccable delivery. Process & Content all within the Context of Perfection. You’ve Graduated, Stewart. Congratulations and Thank You.

  3. Rest in eternal peace. Thank you for the contribution you have made to thousands. It was a privilege to be a staff member when you were the CEO of LEC.

  4. Stewart led Weekend #1 of the first est training in WDC. He was remarkable. I’m so grateful for that weekend and how he touched my life. He’ll always remain in my heart.

  5. Knew Stewart since 1973 . Sweet guy. Saw him last in Mill Valley in many many years ago. I think all of us who worked on staff feel a special “family” connection even though not actively in each others lives. My sympathies to his family and close friends for such a great loss. I’m sure he’s a bright star in our heavens now.❤️🥰💫

  6. Stewart “Lead” the 1st Weekend of my best Training- we later learned that he was ill in the back of the room while he empowered Trainer Candidates Jane Downes and Roger Dillan powerfully in delivering the Training at the front of the room. I had the honor on several occasions to assist as Leader Support for Stewart and worked for he and his wife for a brief time . He has made a lasting difference in my life. I always am present to the difference paying attention to the details makes– Stewart was a master.

  7. Dallas 79 My 2nd weekend EST trainer- What a Great Guy.
    I was involved in the T.S. Program and supported him in a training once.
    He was a very successful in his enterprises after he moved on from Werner’s Organizations.
    R.I.P. Stewart

  8. I was a staff member on the 7th FL when Stewart was CEO and the thought myself lucky tho know him. Later the original Communication course was brought back and Stewart was one of the leaders. It was an incredible event. Thanks for everything Stewart.

  9. My leader in1978 Est training he made a great impact in my live who I am being in the world today I owe to his love and compassion for human being R.I.P

  10. When I was President of Mind Dynamics from 1971-1974 Stewart simultaneously led our Seminars and managed our Northeast Region from Boston. When I left to found Lifespring he left to join est. Focused, loving, powerful …. the descriptors of Stewart’s way of being go on and on. He later became my contact at est and enrolled me in the 7 Day executive training and the Creation of Freedom course. All of that plus many long, private and rewarding conversations defined a deep friendship that I treasured then and now. I shall miss him.

  11. Steward Esposito’s passing is like a giant Sequoia dying. It’s almost unimaginable. It’s hard to even imagine that one man could have had that much impact on humanity, as his life surely did. I am grateful to have been in his presence in those extraordinary early years.

  12. He was always around when I assisted after doing est SF in January of 1976. My first assisting assignment was retyping the Communication Course. Yes, typing. He was the organization back then for me along with my trainers.

  13. Stewart
    Thank you for your contribution. My heart is warmed by thoughts of you. You lived a life that made a difference and touched so many. Your light shines on in all that you have touched. Thank you. Sending love and light

  14. A very wonderful man. A life well lived — dedicated to the well being of others. I remember meeting him when he first joined staff when our office was on Kearny St. Love to his family and many friends❤️❤️🙏

  15. A powerful, kind, empowering man. My hope is to have a fraction of the impact he had on the arc of humanity. Thank you, Stewart.

  16. Thank you Stewart, I remember fondly the first time seeing & hearing you, est Weekend 1 and the stunning difference your kind, empowering speaking made. Profound, those days seemed almost too good to be true.

  17. Stewart made a huge difference in so many lives and will be missed. He was a sweet and caring man. My love and best wishes to his family at this time. Rest In Peace, Stewart.

  18. It is so sad to hear the news about Stewart – a dear friend and colleague for so many years.. since the early days of est… proud that I was able to train him in the beginning of his career, and inspired that he touched so many, and made such a difference. To his family and friends I send my condolences and blessings. He was a great man, and did much to make this a better world for all. Marcia Martin

  19. I knew Stewart for one week during my est training in 1973.
    I never forgot him. His training is the stand I take every day
    for loving compassion, community and connection. Your spirit
    lives on Stewart.

  20. Dear Stewart,

    You did such a great job at life!! You made such a difference and you never stopped! Always finding ways to contribute.

    I was honored to be designated by you and Irving Bernstein as a seminar leader with my husband, Michael and my dear friend, Armand. I will never forget the conversation generating “Source”. You have been the source of so much good in the world. I see your smiling face still…

    May we all meet again!


  21. Stewart was the course supervisor in my est training in NYC!
    What a contribution he made to my life and to so many others lives.
    As Laurel said he was “a great champion and manager of people.”
    He made such a difference for the world!
    Peace be with all.

  22. I don’t remember ever meeting Stewart, and I can say that the several former EST trainers and many former and present Landmark Forum Leaders that I have spent many provocative and enlightening hours with since 1991, carried and carry now the devotion and concerns for the magnificence of every individual, that Stewart had exhibited. I am present to his contributions in every bit of insightful coaching of Forum Leaders, Seminar Leaders, Communication Course Leaders and other trained graduates. With Ron’s permission, I can say that great coaching from former Forum Leader Ron Zeller, shortly before his demise, was not words, and was Ron reviewing the Landmark Forum along with myself and others. I did not ask him why even though we conversed. Thanks Stewart.

  23. What a shock to hear!
    Mr. Esposito led both weekends of my est Training in 1977. I was braced for harsh treatment, no bathroom breaks… Much to my surprise my Trainer was kind, brilliant and a mind-reading gentleman! I’ve been in admiration ever since.
    Thanks to all of you for exposing his history and accomplishments.

  24. To my Dear Stewart, You led the second est training in Washington DC in October, 1975, 45 years ago and my life transformed. Thank you.

    Stewart told a story of a woman who excitedly approached him on a New York street. “I know you. I know you! You led my est training. And your name is…” She paused. “Don’t tell me! Don’t tell me! It’s … “

    The pause became awkward, so Stewart said with a smile, “Stewart Esposito”.
    The woman frowned and replied, “No-o. No-o.”

  25. Beloved STEWART, you took such good care of us staff members and that touched me greatly. Your love was generous. Your leadership memorable. Thank you for being in my life. Rev. Dr. Irene Goldberg, formerly Renee Singer

  26. Not only did Stewart and dear Marjie make a difference in my life, so did many others still with us, like Armand and Maggie, and all the other seminar leaders, trainers and forum leaders. I am grateful to have you in my life all these many years.

  27. I never met or heard of him until now but I’m sure that I’ve benefited from his work. RIP Stewart. I pray your name is in the Book of Life. Thank you for your love of humanity.

  28. A Great Great Man. He set a standard for excellence and being Werner’s work that was a model for all of us. Many many thousands of people were the recipients of his huge heart.

  29. Stewart you rock! I bet you are rockin’ heaven right now! I miss you. And I am deeply grateful for the the difference you continue to make in my life. Love you.

  30. Stewart led weekend # 1 of my est training in May of ‘79 in Atlanta. I am eternally grateful for the difference Stewart made in my life. My condolences to his family.

  31. Thank you Stewart for being way larger than life for me and for bringing awesome memories with your passing.

  32. My life changed forever in January of 1976 when I experienced the EST training led by Stuart Esposito at the LA convention center. For some reason tonight I thought to look up where he was now all these years later. Very sorry to hear of his passing but to have the life that he had bringing so much to the participants of EST back then. That’s value. Marty Walsh

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