From Divorce to Love — Conference Calls Created for those Dealing with Divorce


When Anna Lee created a project in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership program, she didn’t have to venture far from her own life to find ideas. Lee is in the process of finalizing her own divorce, and she coaches friends through the difficult time of their own divorces. Her project, which creates a series of free 60-minute teleconferences hosted by expert speakers for those looking at or dealing with divorce, is just a natural expression of who she is.

“The whole intention is to create more peace in the world and alleviate suffering,” relates Lee. “If we could start a dialogue where people don’t have to be ashamed about divorce, where people can talk about it, then the person that got to the place of being divorced can be transformed.” 

Lee sees the potential for this work to save marriages, but if one is already divorced, or one chooses to get divorced, she wants people to know that it doesn’t have to be devastating. She sees that by giving up the mindset of shame, fear, guilt or judgment, people are free to create a happier life and get in touch with their own natural love force which can be suppressed by the negative trauma of a divorce. In the process, pain to all concerned—The couple, children, family, friends and society as a whole—Can be alleviated.

The 60-minute conference calls are free and open to anyone. 

The teleconference call schedule is as follows: 

1)     March 1st, 1pm, hosted by Zen Debrucke, inspirational speaker and founder of the Ahuma institute, speaking on “To Divorce or not to Divorce – Using your ISG to Decide.”

2)     March 8th, 1pm, hosted by Gale Chiarella, founder of the Yokibics Institute for Personal Development, speaking on “The Spiritual Warrior and Divorce.”

3)     March 11th, 8pm, hosted by David Elzey, motivational speaker and lead trainer for the Sedona method, addressing “How Long are you Willing to Wait for Happiness?”

4)     March 22nd, 1pm, hosted by Susan Jeffers, PhD, international author and public speaker, talking on “How Divorce can Empower You and Future Relationships.”

5)     March 29th, 1pm, international speaker and certified trainer for the Fisher Seminars, speaking on “The Building Blocks to Healing.”

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Christy says:

Is this still going on ?im looking for some coaching in this area , thanks

Jill says:

I am looking for some support, are the conference calls still happening?  Thanks!

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