Foundation for Hope

Cameron Siemers and his Foundation for Hope, which he founded out of realizing his life’s purpose while taking part in the Landmark Forum, has been spotlighted by the ‘Global Shift’ website which covers a variety of inspiring causes.

Siemers was born with Hemophilia, and a blood transfusion he received for this condition when he was two years old resulted in him having AIDS as well. Doctors told his family that he would not live long enough to be a teenager. Due to advances in medicine, Siemers lived on, but he was frequently sick and tired. He had no purpose for his life, since he expected to die soon. Illness forced him to drop out of college, and aid for his medical conditions was not available after he reached his 18th birthday.

At the age of 24, in 2006, Siemers took part in the Landmark Forum and saw what his life was for – he would set up a foundation to aid those who like himself had survived childhood diseases and were struggling to live a healthy and fulfilling life.

Foundation for Hope was founded and Siemers was featured in a variety of major newspapers (see Landmark Education News’ first story on Siemers and Foundation for Hope).

What the foundation does is give $5,000 grants to young people – the first went to Rachel Lazano, who has gone on to become a writer, artist and inspirational speaker. The next grant winner, a cancer survivor, went to Africa to teach health education, and used the grant money to aid those she was helping with basic supplies. More than 20 of these grants have been given since Siemers formed the foundation, and the money can be used for personal goals or needs, or projects to help others in the community.

Siemers’ health is still delicate; the Global Shift story came at a time when Siemers was back in the hospital (he was out in time for a bowling fundraiser for the foundation).

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