Wake Up India

A new project is teaching parents and teachers about the educational options for disabled children in Mumbai.

Categories: children, India

Saving Tigers

Increasing the penalty for tiger poaching in India, and educating school children about the importance of tigers to the ecosystem are both part of the 'Save Tiger Save Life Signature Campaign'.

Pedal For Joy

'Pedal for Joy' has bicycle riding making a difference in every area of life.

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Meal with a Smile

'Meal with a Smile' has been feeding those in need in friendly fashion for the last year and a half.

Categories: Hunger, India

A Hunger to Make a Difference

Beauty Bites Beast takes on that misguided set of beliefs and flips them on their head, not only with Mexican factory workers but with Kenyan “grannies,” university students, housewives and executives from all over the world.

Categories: Women's Issues