A Life of Helping Others

Landmark Education graduate and former seminar leader Gail Tyrrell was recently featured in the prominent Daily Record newspaper of Northern New jersey. The article focused on Tyrrell’s life journey and the […]

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Appreciating Widows

On July 16th, Houston area newspaper The Leader ran a story about Robin Craig's project to help her fellow widows. The project, which she came up with in Landmark Education's self expression and leadership program, recognizes and acknowledges widows and…

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Sister Act Expo Empowers Girls

April Preyar was recently recognized by the Chicago Tribune for the project she created in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. The two day event at Robeson high school was […]

Kizorek Shares her Travels

Jessica Kizorek continues to receive critical acclaim for her work for two Parrot Productions, her film company that travels the world and provides to film services to NGOs so they […]

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