Meal with a Smile

'Meal with a Smile' has been feeding those in need in friendly fashion for the last year and a half.

Categories: Hunger, India

A Hunger to Make a Difference

Beauty Bites Beast takes on that misguided set of beliefs and flips them on their head, not only with Mexican factory workers but with Kenyan “grannies,” university students, housewives and executives from all over the world.

Categories: Women's Issues

Love is in the Bag

An innovative support program allows aid for all kinds of people in need, and makes it easy for children to make a difference.

Categories: Arizona, Homelessness

For the Girls

Sara Safari climbs the world's tallest mountains to raise money for Empower Nepali Girls, a group providing an education for the poorest Nepali girls and keeping them out of the sex trade.

Categories: Asia, children, Featured