Zambian Princess Tackles Poverty

The story of Zindaba Nyirenda and her efforts to reduce poverty in Africa have been featured in the Daily Herald newspaper of suburban Chicago. Nyirenda credits The Landmark Forum with […]

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Mural Revamps Bike Path

Community organizer and Lutheran pastor Susan Schoon organized a new, 69-foot mural on a bike path in Shoreview, Minnesota, out of her participation in Landmark Education’s Self-Expression and Leadership Program. […]

Artist Pays Debts, Makes Murals

The Gazette newspaper of Colorado Springs tells the story of artist Douglas Rouse, who had racked up $80,000 in debt. Rouse says that when he did the Landmark Forum last year, he understood what integrity and accountability were for the…

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Vets Aid Vets

A third of all homeless people in the United States are veterans. This stark fact was one reason Rod Wittmier's Self-Expression and Leadership program involved bringing old and new veterans […]