Pram Push Lobbies for in Vitro Coverage

Joanne Horibe leads Landmark Education's Self-Expression and Leadership Program. As a project she undertook inside of that course, Horibe teamed up with Ashley Bulley and Kerri Stanford to lobby the Ontario government to include in vitro fertilization as part of…

Acknowledgment of a Stepfather

Alia Ramer of New Jersey Jewish News has written a personal column for the publication, which in commemoration of Father's Day (this Sunday, June 21), tells of the appreciation Ramer has for her step-father. In the column, Ramer acknowledges the…

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Better Homes and Gardens Interview

  Better Homes and Gardens Television Interviewed Landmark Education spokesperson Deborah Beroset on the topic of relationships and the recession, where she shared an exercise that couples can do to […]

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Mangetwo Unites Food Lovers

  While taking Landmark Education’s Self Expression and Leadership Program, Claire McBride created a unique social networking website, Mangetwo, that brings together food lovers in a variety of activities. The […]

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Moon Space Party Aids Grief Encounter

When Sophie Berger’s twin sister Charlotte died, she left behind two small children. Berger has undertaken a project to help bereaved children and their families by putting on a fundraiser […]

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Landmark Education on ThatRadio

  Brian Hassett is a regular contributor to ThatRadio, a cooperative community radio show that is programmed by its members. Hasset is a regular show contributor, and one show in […]

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