Art Auction Saves School

art-for-a-cause.jpgAustralian Landmark Forum graduate Lachlan Haynes organized the inaugural ‘Art for a Cause’ art exhibition and art auction, to benefit the Lasallian Foundation, a non-profit group that supports projects throughout Asia that provide disadvantaged children a chance to break the cycle of poverty. The event, which took place this past December, was designed as Haynes’ project from his Self-Expression and Leadership program.

According to Lasallian CEO Paul Smith, the money raised from the event was enough to prevent Foundation run school in Faisalabad, one of the poorest parts of Pakistan, from closing due to health and hygiene problems.

“In Australia, and in particular those of us lucky enought to be in the Self-Expression and Leadership program, we have the means and opportunity of making a choice about whether we want greatness for our lives,” says Haynes, explaining his commitment to the Lasallian foundation. “I’m looking to provide that opportunity to others–The opportunity to learn and grow as people, live happy and fulfilling lives, and in turn make a difference in their own communities.”

Many people helped make the event possible, including the dozens of generous artists who contributed works for sale, the four members of the string quartet that performed at the exhibition, and the many other volunteers who helped put the event together.

Haynes has several intentions with Art for a Cause. The first is to raise money for worthy causes such as the Lasallian Foundation through art auctions. Haynes also seeks to showcase the talents of worthy local artists and give them an opportunity to contribute to a great cause, and to bring the community together.

Haynes intends to run the same event next year, albeit on a much larger scale. He also has other unique fundraising events in progress for Art for a Cause–Currently he is offering to create a completely personalized comic book for a major contributor, with the proceeds again going to the Lasallian foundation. To read more, check out Art for a Cause online, or contact Haynes at [email protected] to get involved.

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