Landmark Forum is helping people around the world make a difference in their own lives. Here are some reviews left by some of our 2.8 million participants:

Oliver S.
Best investment ever made! My transformation was fundamental. The price for the forum also includes 10 additional 3 hour seminars in the weeks after the forum. If you want to loose your fear and discover your true potential go and participate in this seminar!

Ali L.
Amazing experience, I create my life extraordinary with Landmark Forum.

Mouna L.
Amazing! I recommend this seminar to everyone.

Audrey A,
If you want transformation in your life this is the course! All of the courses at landmark has helped me in my life and through me helped the people in my life.

Elwin P.M.

Minhly N.
This forum will give you great tools to deal with life situations. Improve and fix in your relationships right away

Leroy K.
The Landmark Forum changed my entire view of people and life. It had me discover mental blocks that were impacting my quality of life that I didn’t even know were there. The Forum opened up a whole new world of performance and experiences for me, and several friends and family members. Highly recommended.

Sabrina L.
The most powerful experience I’ve ever had… altered my life forever in ways I could never imagine! 💖 If you want to up your game in life for yourself and for others, this is for you! ⭐️

Anil R.
Doing the Landmark Forum transformed my life! My life was never the same after doing my Landmark Forum in 1999. I was shown and giving access to tools & distinctions I could use I did not know was available to me in my life EVER! I took action and created a life of fun, excitement and traveling, while getting paid sitting on the beach and in the pool. I used to stutter very badly. I didnt after. My speaking abilities and use of language improved dramatically. I was shy. I am
no longer shy. I went on to become a top performer in business globally. Speaking and training on stages infront of thousands of people. Assisted over 12 individuals to create a $1,000,000 income from nothing doing business with me. I created being asked by a movie Director/Producer to be in the Art Of Business in the 21st Century alongside Vic Johnson, Lisa Jimenez and Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret.
Today as a Landmark Forum Introduction Leader, I continue living that life. Making a difference. Playing a huge game. Connecting with like minded people. As I make the Landmark Forum available to everyone I meet, connect with, and do business with. So they to can design and live a life they love from nothing –

Cara A.
life changing, mind uttering! Impactful. powerful. I’m free.

Doug S

This place is amazing and indescribable. Don’t be afraid of the negative reviews. People willing to their way of life and oppose change. Thats perfectly normal. Keep an open mind and give it a try like I did.

I was getting nowhere in my traditional talk therapy because I had no idea what my actual problems were. Landmark helped me realize my issues in a way that that let me handle them.

Kira C

Amazing experience, I am so glad that I finally made my sexual abuse story complete. I faced my cousin head on, and invited him personally to the Tuesday night session for guests. I can’t thank Landmark enough. I look forward to the free mini seminars that follow for the next 3 months and the advanced course 🙂

Really love all the courses I’ve done. Forum was a game changer. You can see no one that actually completes the forum, bad mouths it, I read the reviews prior to going, and it made me think “cult, scam” So please if you try it, finish it, walking away before the course is done is silly, but it crossed my mind too. The rewards and understanding of the course don’t arrive till after its complete.

Advance course was so amazing for me, reAlly was so nice to feel as loved as I did. Still learning about myself through the teachings of both advanced and the forum.

Now working on the selp program, very challenging. I’ll update once it’s complete, but loving it!

Please feel free to contact me if you’re on the fence and wanna chat.

Paul S

Yakov P

Out of my time at Landmark I got a completely unshakable sense of self-worth, a relationship of a lifetime, a bonded and connected family, and freedom from fear. It does sound too good to be true. So did a free India or South Africa… until it wasn’t. Take a risk for once in your life, take on a weekend with the potential to take your life to a new and previously-unimagined level. What do you have to lose? You have everything to gain.

Treya K

Best weekend of my life. 20 years ago and still today.
Breakthrough Business results
Connected with my family and created a new future I never thought was possible.

Sharan S

This course has changed my life and transformed the way I see the world and the people that live in it. Instead of judging people I know realize where they are coming from and feel compassion for everyone. I have become much more productive at work and have positively impacted all the relationships in my life especially with my mother and boyfriend. I would never have believed this prior to taking the course. I can understand why people think it’s a marketing sceme because I was a big skeptic coming into the program and as a business owner analyzed how they made there money etc. What I have come to realize is that yes there is marketing, but what they are selling you is a better life in the vision of having a better world for everyone. I looked around at my $1200 Gucci backpack and $1500 Rudsak coat and realized how much marketing I was already doing for companies that didn’t impact the world in any way!! Landmark is a company that leads people to have a happier more fulfilled life. We ask people to join because we want others to be free of whatever is stopping them in their life because we love them. We want to one day turn on the TV and not see people killing each other. We want to live in a world where people love and value each other, and when we say we want world peace we actually mean it!

Inga T

It’s a really cool way of living a life you choose for yourself, getting rid of limiting constraints and baggage that we drag from the past and just connecting with the world outside you. I didn’t just learn how but actually became completely open to whatever new possibilities life can bring to me and am maximizing it to the fullest! You can’t describe it unless you experience for yourself what it feels like to have breakthroughs in so many areas of life and getting whatever it is you want in life! I know it sounds too good true but it’s absolutely possible!

Ezey E

Definatey a whole new world!! It sure opened up my eyes and my truth…such an amazing feeling ive never experienced in my life!!! Boulders are coming of my back and now i can actually LIVE LIFE TO MY FULL POTENTIAL.

Simin K

What a great experience. Thank you Landmark Forum for all you are doing and for being.

Dave P

I gained so much by the work completed in the forum and find the curriculum of seminars allows those gains to deepen and resonate throughout my life. You’re worth it, invest the time and money in to you and the lives others!

Jean D

They Provide beautiful tool to live life to the fullest!

Tonya M

Grateful to be part of this community

Tony P

I , I suspect more than most people, came into landmark with great skepticism. Being a NYS Parole Office for 25+ years I think I have heard it all and believe very few people. . . In 3 days I discovered it was me that was living a lie and that helped in achieving my number one goal . . . a fruitful relationship with my son. Something I was seeking for 20 years. . . It wasn’t a magic pill. . . I had it in me all the time but I have to give credit where credit was due to get it out of me. The Landmark Forum helped me break threw my fears and my misperceptions . . . and I am on my way to a fulfilling life . . . BTW good timing because I am retiring this year and have my whole life ahead of me. THX

Danielle M

It’s been a few years. I went through first and then my husband decided once he saw my “freedom” from my “story” to go through. This has continued to be a helpful tool throughout our marriage, relationships, even raising our, now, two adult children. Those that say it’s a cult…need to reflect. When is the last time you had an authentic encounter with an authentic conversation and didn’t feel some level of discomfort or guilt for being your true “you.” I recommend it to everyone. In fact, I wish the world would go so we would have more successful conversations less hurt feelings, and more movement towards total growth as a society.

Shane W

If you are open to the idea of creating a better life for yourself, this is the fastest and most effective way to do it. I knew some people that had done it and they had positive things to say. Since I was looking to improve my life, I was an easy sell but I entered into the program very skeptical since I felt that it was kind of cultish. The great thing about Landmark is that they give you the tools to CHOOSE whether you want to keep living like you have or try on a new possibility. It took me a few courses, but I finally got that my skepticism was a story that I was telling myself. I stand for everyone around me having the freedom to be truly authentic and the best way to do that is for me to be the space for that to happen and sharing this knowledge with them. After I got that it became really apparent that this way of life is contagious and if I want my friends to have the same tools to choose their life, it wouldn’t just help them it would also start to help everyone else in their life. I get that not many people want to change or feel they need to, but this isn’t about changing people this is about giving people the tools they need to choose whether they want to follow the little voices in their head and live the way they’ve been living or create a new possibility for themselves. Landmark gives you the freedom to choose the life you want.

Sheila S

The Forum was amazing and I can’t recommend it more highly. I feel my words fall short of how truly transformational it is! I have a new freedom in life – freedom from the fear, self doubt, “not enough-ness” that just kept playing on repeat in my head, no matter how much self growth and spiritual avenues I studied and applied to my life, or how successful my life is. The Forum gave me the tools to see HOW I was unconsciously choosing my life and also the tools to consciously choose a new way of being. I’m so excited about life again! I can’t wait for the Advanced course to learn even more tools on how to be truly authentic and create a life of empowerment for myself and everyone I meet! Definitely worth the time, money and effort! I recommend Landmark to anyone who wants to take full responsibility for their life and be free of the subconscious programming.

Jackie L

Life changing in the best possible way.
I highly recommend it to everyone I know. My entire family has completed the course most of my friends and my nieces nephews and my son. I can’t say enough about the difference this course makes in being able to be connected with the people you love the most

Jessica M

Something I’ll never get over! February 2016 I did the Landmark Forum with my dad and my life has never been the same. We connected in a way we never have in my 32 years of life. Also created the relationship of my dreams with my husband and got straight with my finances and paying off debt. There’s personal coaching and personal growth development so you can create a life you love. You get to be the author of your life!

Lyndall R

It took me a little while to get my head around some of the concepts- after 20 years of self development books, psychologists, meditation programs, you name it…I searched everywhere for enlightenment. My time spent at the Landmark Forum made all of that pale in significance. I heard about the Landmark Forum from a complete stranger, and I wish I could track him down to thank him. This forum changed my life. I will never be the same again, and I am so grateful.

Celeste L

I thank God for doing Landmark now I will create powerful stories that will leave an impact, and a legacy of Love, light, and healing for humanity. I now create the possibility of living an extra extraordinary transformative lifestyle.

Susan R.

Just finished my first 3 days of the Forum. Feeling as if I have emptied that large heavy bag that I have been carrying around with me throughout my life. Now I can add a few new things that I enjoy. What a wonderful outcome. I genuinely feel good. Looking forward to Tuesday night, then forward to the Advanced course.

Ivan E.

Landmark transformed my way of thinking . I have my life back. An authentic life with integrity . Thank you thank you thank you !!

Tracy W.

Thank you Landmark for giving my life back to me! I’ve never felt so empowered and motivated to live my life and it is the first time in my life that I see there is hope for human-being from all kinds of background to live together peacefully and happily because it happens right in front of my eyes.

Vladislav S.

Being on the journey within Personal Development World now for almost 18 years – I can definitely say that Landmark Education offers unique insights & personal transformation are really amazing!! My favourite – are both parts of Communication Course

Natalia B.

The start of your new relationship is only as good as the finish of the previous one!

We had a completion conversation with my ex last night. And it went better then we both anticipated! We thought it could be a bit emotional, but we handled it very well.

We laughed a lot, acknowledged our faults, laughed at our quirks and what didn’t work. It was a really great amd empowering experience!

We had like best breakups ever!! ��

A few of them, each better than the other, wishing each other the best of the best, every time. Lol

Always with so much love. �

Landmark Education rocks!! Why?

Because we are both Landmark Graduates!

10 years on his side and 5 on mine of constant rigorous self-development work.

Great results! Never a regret about all the money spent. Worth Every penny!!

Landmark Education #Landmark #LandmarkEducation #SelfDevelopment rocks!

Sonya S

I did the Landmark Forum in 2004 and subsequently completed the Curriculum for Living and went on to become an Introduction Leader. It literally changed my life giving me skills that I can use in every area of my life to transform my experience of my circumstances; my experience of myself and others. I gained power around my life that I never knew was possible. I highly recommend it you feel that you are searching for that thing that will make the difference, that you look at the Landmark Forum. At the very least the event you attend will make a difference you will not forget.

Jessica C

My son enrolled me which shows me how much he loves and cares about me when I didn’t think he did. I just finished doing session 5 of the forum, did the advanced Course and will be doing the SELP in Nov. Its been AMAZING and is a real waking up to what is real and going on! I’m thrilled to be enrolled and will be sure to enroll others as I go along. LIFE CHANGING ���

Jennifer S.

Best weekend of my life with the most beautiful people. A family, a community and a place for growth – What more can you ask for?! Thank you Landmark for wanting to create positive change in the world. You will forever inspire me to be the best that I can be. Love you

Isabelle M.

The best inner experience ever!!! JUST JUMP and free yourself from the past, become THE CREATOR

Dino B.

This is such a powerful community. So proud to be a part of it.

Mindy S.

I noticed some of the poor reviews here are from those who have not actually done the forum -and I am sorry their experience was anything but first class like mine. I did my forum 6 years ago and my life -which was good before – has just blossomed. I even created -out of this work – my dream job! I get paid to do something others dream of! I’m a business owner and all my employees are Forum graduates. Imagine building a company where -when issues come up (and they do) – instead of getting angry, we discuss what is possible instead of what is wrong! My current assistant was painfully shy before his forum and now greets customers with a wide smile. His world has expanded now that his past is not dictating his future and his value to my company is up ten fold. Landmark is real. It works. Period. I urge whoever has had a poor customer experience to visit or call their local center again. One of the really great things about this enterprise is when something goes awry, people OWN their mistakes. I found power, freedom, full self expression and real ALIVENESS in this work. You can too.

Jeannine M.

I have been fortunate to participate in the Landmark Forum, Advanced Course and Self Expression Leadership Course. I can honestly say that these courses (particularly The Forum) were, by far, the best gifts I have ever given to myself. I was able to get to the root of what was holding me back and had numerous ‘break throughs’ during my time there. I saw lives completely transformed. People were set free from limiting beliefs and and was such a beautiful thing to witness. I have referred people to Landmark and they have had the same incredible life changing results. It’s too bad that everyone can’t go.

Katrina P.

My husband and I attended the Forum about 17 years ago and we both found it to be transformational for ourselves and for our relationship. So much so that we both went on and completed the Curriculum for Living.

Yes, it’s hard. Confronting our fixed way of being is always difficult as we realize how we’ve created the stories of our lives. Yes, it seems like a lot of sitting for one weekend, but there’s a lot of information to be gained. Yes, there’s bad press in it, and confronting questions in the the orientation, but the large majority of participants will agree this work is very valuable.

If you focus on the process, do all the required actions, and stay open and non-judgmental with yourself and others, you’ll leave there with a much clearer vision of yourself and your relationships to others. In short, you will have breakthroughs. And aren’t you worth the $600?

Paula B.

I was so excited to attend the course. The first 2 days were phenomenal. The last day I got lost (in self). I didn’t want to participate because of my own insecurities. I wrote a not so good review based on my feelings. I wanted to leave. But I stayed through the night until the end. I learned so much more. This morning upon awaking all of the questions I didn’t ask were answered. I realized that this is an awesomely effective course. I want to enroll everyone I know! I would recommend all to sign up and attend the Landmark Forum. It has truly changed my perception of life. I found myself this morning not only listening to music but sincerely appreciating every word. The forum has taught me to love the life I live!

Barbara C.

I went to the Landmark Forum by way of a recommendation from someone who said, not that it was going to fix me, but rather that it would open up “new realms of possibility”. A natural-born cynic, I wasn’t sold on the idea but I registered mostly because I trusted the person who had shared her experiences over many months. Those three days were transformational, extending and expanding how I saw the world and myself in it. Like an aperture on a camera opening to let in more light, the training in the Forum regenerated my spirit in ways that I couldn’t even have imagined, and ultimately led to a happier and more productive professional and personal life. The work I did in that room, with 170 other amazing people, encouraged me to take huge leaps into the professional unknown, which resulted in a book, published articles, a fellowship, an overseas position, and the respect of my peers.

Day 1, I found aspects of the training made me nervous, but the Landmark Forum leader’s skilled methods of facilitation and guidance encouraged me and the other participants to look at ourselves clearly, fearlessly, and gradually. The purpose was not to mock or denigrate but to see that each of us was wonderfully and completely human in all our nuanced characteristics. From seeing, we could make actual choices instead of living our lives with only a small repertoire of knee jerk reactions and perceived limitations, reactions and perceptions that we have utilized or defaulted to so many times that they felt like TRUTH when they were only habit.

The Landmark Forum offers a kaleidoscope of paradigms and distinctions, finely drawn and powerfully revealing to aid participants in becoming directors-in-fact of their own life. On the website, Landmark serves up the entire syllabus, every topic that will be covered on Days 1, 2, and 3, plus the Tuesday evening. This seminar and the others offered by Landmark are safe and fascinating training grounds that provide attendees the chance to create and live within a new and powerful possibility.

Amanda W.

You will notice all the people that wrote negative “reviews” never actually did the forum. You can’t review something you never did. The forum is 3 days and an evening session. If you don’t complete it, you really never did the forum. I have. And I am not in a cult nor was I made to feel a certain way. Here is what I can tell you. I am an Emt,Married happily for 25 years and have two happy and successful kids. This weekend of your life will clear a lot of things up for you that maybe you have been struggling with for a long time. It’s a way too see things differently. A way to get insight into why things happen to you and what your role is in the things that happen to you. It’s not therapy. It’s 4 days with no commitment after those four days, that will make you happier and give you more freedom in your life. My marriage is better. I understand my kids in a different way. I have made up with people that I never thought I could have a relationship with again. That’s the forum. Take it. Don’t take it. No pressure. But I will tell you if you choose to take it and finish it, there is no way you won’t be a happier person.

Bjorn C.

I was introduced to the Landmark Forum by one of my classmates at Yale. At the time I was figuring out what I wanted to accomplish in the world, and was struggling with how to be a powerful person and lead a fulfilled life.

I took the Forum during my sophomore year, and thought it was phenomenal. One of the breakthroughs I had was in my academics. Previously I had spent a lot of time being frustrated with Yale students and professors, who I saw as overly focused on dry theoretical work, and ignoring the exciting, profound, and important issues going on in the world. I had decided that they were “wrong”, and that I was going to have to work “outside the system” to pursue the things I was passionate about.

What I got from the Forum was the making others wrong accomplishes nothing, and once I stopped making them wrong, I could take ownership for my experience. Based on this insight I got the power to create my experience at Yale however I wanted it to be. Rather than being resigned to frustration and dissatisfaction, I suddenly had the freedom and the tools to completely alter my environment, enabling me to do what I was passionate about. To take a single example, I couldn’t find classes that allowed me to study what I wanted to study. Whereas before I would have been resigned to being dissatisfied, post-Forum I realized that it would be way more fun and fulfilling to create my own class. Because I no longer saw professors as being “wrong”, I could build powerful relationships with them, and one of those relationships enabled the best intellectual experience of my life, where I got to construct my own class and study one-on-one with one of Yale’s most brilliant professors.

That was one breakthrough of many that I got from the Forum, and I’ve successfully applied the training to many other areas of my life. It was definitely one of the best investments of time and money that I’ve ever made.

Paul Stevens

Was the most eye opening experience of my life, was searching for so many answers, they were all addressed in the form. After the form I signed up for the advanced course which opened up so much more for myself and my family. I’m now in the leadership program, which has created an amazing new me, which was always there, I just was engulfed with fear of failure. Still have my day to day issues, but life has become so much more manageable. If you’ve taken this course or courses and are frustrated, take them again. I dealt with major frustrations through the whole thing, but kept at it. During those times I also had negative things to say, but really came to the conclusion it was all apart of my old self and mostly related to fear. Hope this message helps you if you’ve read it!! Truly love landmark and all it stands for and Feel free to inbox me for anything. Helping people is my main goal in life!! ?

Peter Arandorenko

I’ve done the forum, and now the advanced course, and I’ll be doing the leadership course in April 2018. Landmark gives you an opportunity to see your blind spots in your life and provides a clearing in which you are able to create possibilities you’ve never ever thought about AND be able to take action on those possibilities. You get to create an extraordinary life for yourself and you give others the ability to listen.

Ashley St. John

I registered for the Landmark forum to have a breakthrough in my sales conversion and what I got was more time with my family, financial stability, the ability to be self-expressed and authentic, self-confidence and so much more. You’ll get so much more out of it than you can even imagine and it’s worth more than the price of any of the courses. If you’re on the fence, just register and watch your life change before your eyes. To get the best value, keep your mind open, your judgements and opinions off, do the work, and always stay until the end of a course or classroom session.

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